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Psychology in the Laurentians

You wish to consult a psychologist in the Laurentians? Our rehabilitation clinic, situated in Mirabel, allows you to access the expertise of a psychologist specialized in health psychology.

Listen, assess and help

The psychologist specializes in the behavioural, emotional and mental health. They assess the psychological affects and mental health that will allow them to determine which intervention or treatment will best help their client. The psychologist can also apply interventions and treatments like psychotherapy.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy aims to ease the suffering or psychological problems. This treatment is addressed to any person wishing to bring about significant changes in their lives for the well-bring. There are a variety of motives to consult :

  • Behavioural, emotional or habit changes
  • Making difficult decisions
  • Looking for the answers to personal questions
  • To better the understanding or management of difficult situations

Psychotherapy requires an active participation. It requires an open mind and a willingness to reveal.

Psychological health, what is it?

In psychological health, the psychologist is interested in the behaviours and lifestyle habits that affect the person's physical and psychological health. Their interventions aim to improve the person's ability to psychologically adapt to their physical health problems and all the changes these problems can bring about.

A brain injury, chronic pain, surgeries, acute or chronic disease are only some of the examples of physical health problems that could be the reason for consulting a psychologist.

A psychologist interrogates a client and is taking notes

Consulting a psychologist can target several objectives, such as :

  • To improve self awareness and commitment to medical/professional treatments
  • To reduce psychological distress
  • To accompany a person in their progress towards accepting their physical condition, during their mourning processes and the changes their condition requires
  • To treat the associated psychological symptoms ( anxiety, depression, post-traumatique stress, etc.)

The psychologist collaborates with the other health care professionnals in order to support the person's rehabilitation objectives.

Reserve your consultation in psychology in the Laurentians

Our offices are situated in Mirabel, on the north shore!

A recognized expertise

Dre. Vanessa Debien, Psy.D., obtained her doctorat degree in psychology from the University of Quebec in Montreal and is a membre of Quebec's Psychology Order since 2020. She specializes in the assessment and intervention of individuals who suffer from a psychological difficulty adapting to a physical health condition..

Dre Debien completed her clinical training at l'USMM's department of psychiatry with individuals suffering from anxiety, mood and personality disorders.

She then practiced psychological health for a few years at the Saint-Jérôme regional hospital, in the department of physical rehabilitation. There she worked with individuals suffering from chronic pain and those who had had bariatric surgeries. She also worked with individuals who had a difficult hospitalization or who suffered difficulties adapting to disease (oncology, diabetes, stroke, rare or orphan diseases, etc)

Before becoming a psychologist, Dre Vanessa Debien worked for a few years as a consultant in mental health one on one or in group settings in a community center, especially with individuals who are suicidal, anxious, depressed or bipolar.

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