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Physiotherapy in the Laurentians

Our physiotherapists will help you restore your optimal level of function. Back pain, concussion, sports injuries, we offer you services centred on your needs. Everything is done so that you can finally resume your activities and sports.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy contributes to preventing, relieving, and treating several problems related to physical health. With the use of manual therapy and specific exercises, they aim to help you restore your mobility and autonomy.

Our specialties

Our team of professionals, throughout the years, have become specialized in several fields of physiotherapy. Our patient's reasons for consulting vary and include : 

  • Concussion rehabilitation
  • Vestibular and dizziness problems
  • Sports injuries 
  • Musculoskeletal problems 
  • Orthopedic problems 
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Functional neurological disorder
  • Motor vehicle accidents (SAAQ) 
  • Plagiocephaly and torticolis in pediatric care

No matter your age, or level of activity, our physiotherapists will propose a rehabilitation plan tailored for your needs. We aim to improve your physical capacities and your quality of life.

Solutions adapted to your needs

Restore your mobility

Concussion care

Our physiotherapists have developed an expertise in the treatment of concussions, which includes vestibular problems, dizziness and oculomotor deficits. With specific exercises, it is possible to reduce the symptoms and improve balance and coordination. Physiotherapy favours the rehabilitation process following a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).

La commotion cérébrale est une blessure sérieuse. On voit ici une femme qui a des maux de tête

Pediatric physiotherapy

Our team is trained to work with babies and young children. Physiotherapy provides effective and simple solutions for flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly) and torticollis. With us, your little one will be in good hands!

The benefits of physiotherapy

For patients suffering from chronic pain, physiotherapy interventions can significantly improve their comfort and physical function. For those recovering from surgery or injury, a well-designed rehabilitation program can speed up the healing process and reduce the risk of complications

Homme recevant un traitement de physiothérapie

You wish to consult a physiotherapist?

Our clinic, situated in Mirabel in the Laurentians, offers you personalized care.

Our team, our strength

At Vertex, physiotherapists work in collaboration with naturopaths, osteopaths, athletic therapists and other health professionals. The strength of our rehabilitation clinic lies in this synergy. Everyone works in the same direction to offer you care adapted to your needs. We treat individuals of all ages and accept files from third-party payers (SAAQ, veterans, private insurers, etc.).

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