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About us

Vertex Commotion

The Vertex Clinic, founded in 2018, is the culmination of a passionate journey that began in 2004, focused on the comprehensive rehabilitation of individuals suffering from a brain injury. Inspired by a profound personal experience and an unwavering quest for knowledge, our founder assembled a multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing collaborative and personalized care, placing the patient at the center of every intervention. At Vertex, we embody the pinnacle of healthcare, combining expertise, empathy, and innovation to transform lives and make a real difference in the community.


Every person is valued and guided towards excellence by a team of dedicated professionals who are experts in their field.

Every person benefits from substantial, high-quality interaction time with our dedicated experts.

Respect, humanity and authenticity are at the heart of all our interactions.

Our Vision

At the Vertex clinic, we believe in management and integrative care centered on the needs of the person. Each person benefits from individualized rehabilitation with a team of dedicated interdisciplinary professionals who collaborate on the patient’s health. 



Effective care, ranging from prevention to treatment of any condition affecting general physical and emotional health, concussion and sports performance. Our interdisciplinary team works closely together.

Nos évaluations et traitements s’appuient sur les données probantes les plus récentes et nos modalités thérapeutiques englobent des innovations technologiques de pointe. Nos thérapeutes offrent des services en thérapie manuelle, exercices visuels, réadaptation vestibulaire, rééduction neuromusculaire, thérapie cognitivo-comportementale, ainsi qu’un accompagnement pour le retour à l’école, au travail et à l’activité physique saine, sécuritaire et durable. Cette approche nous permet d’implanter des stratégies efficaces et d’offrir des soins spécifiques et individualisés.

De plus, nous croyons fortement que l’éducation et la sensibilisation auprès de la population générale et des sportifs sont la clé qui permettra, à long terme, la prévention des blessures et une meilleure gestion des commotions ainsi qu'une diminution de leurs complications.

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