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Like the rest of the human body, the brain can also be trained and this is what is possible to do with the Vertex team. Thanks to its neuroplasticity, it is possible to stimulate the brain with certain technologies such as Senaptec and NeuroTrackerx with the aim of improving the brain's abilities to recognize, manage and react to various stimuli in our environment.

The brain being the basis of all our actions, you will understand that training it therefore opens doors in several areas. Whether at the level of executive functions, attention, data processing speed, functional memory, decision-making or reflex gestures of a high-level sport, Neuro-performance training at Vertex will improve your results, improve your performance and make it easier for you to carry out your complex tasks.

Who is Neuro-Performance for?

The answer is very simple, everyone. To all people interested in improving, simplifying and facilitating their school, professional or sporting activities. Whether it is to improve your concentration, perceive more opportunities in various situations, make better decisions, increase your learning abilities, filter out surrounding distractions or develop better information management to react more effectively, the vertex team will set up a Neuro-Performance training program that will allow you to achieve your goals and finally become version 2.0 of yourself.


The NeuroTracker helps improve higher cognitive skills that are often affected after a concussion. It also helps improve brain activity, alertness and concentration. Your concussion specialist will use the NeuroTracker to work on this problem and will allow you to resume daily activities such as driving, studying or playing your favorite sport. The NeuroTracker allows you to monitor your progress, adapt your rehabilitation and is used to help determine when you return to physical activities.

Executive Functions

Better reasoning, planning and decision making


Improve fundamental cognitive skills in just 18 minutes of training per week

Functional memory

Increased ability to integrate multiple pieces of information at once

Processing speed

Better management and understanding of information to react more quickly


The NeuroTracker strengthens cognitive skills which are key elements of performance. To achieve an elite level of performance, an individual must develop both their mental and physical abilities. The most successful athletes are those who pay the most attention to details and their visual environment. Science shows that superior cognitive abilities give athletes a competitive advantage, and that training with NeuroTracker can directly improve athletes' performance by improving their attention, awareness and decision-making skills in competition.


Perceive more opportunities in all situationsBe more efficient in interpreting body languagePerceive the environment in slow motion


Focus on the key elements of a game situation Filter out sensory distractions Stay alert under pressure

Decision making

Provoke a faster and more effective reaction
Provoke a more precise reaction
Avoid impulsive actions

The NeuroTracker is the only cognitive-perceptual training tool that measures performance improvement in a competitive athlete. It is used by NFL, ANB, NHL and LPE teams to give an advantage during competition.


The NeuroTracker is ideal for improving several mental skills fundamental to learning abilities. Fast, fun, simple yet challenging, the NeuroTracker is a practical tool for students with language, attention and intellectual deficits, or individuals on the autism spectrum or suffering from hyperactivity, etc. In students, the NeuroTracker can help significantly improve cognitive abilities related to attention, executive functions, functional memory and processing speed. Selective attention

Selective attention

Focus on a task and filter out distractions

Sustained attention

Maintain concentration for an extended period of time

Divided Attention

Manage multiple information entries


Control impulsive behavior and respond appropriately

Auditory process

Hear and understand more information when you listen


Several factors affect our ability to function well mentally on a daily basis. Fatigue and stress can decrease our ability to think and reduce our attention span. The natural effects of aging can slow down our thinking processes and restrict our concentration. Cognitive disorders such as concussions or strokes can make normal mental tasks extremely difficult. The NeuroTracker is a tool designed to help address these deficits by improving alertness, awareness and attention to function better in daily life.


Ability to perceive important things around you even in complicated situations


Sharper thinking, good reactions and focus on a target task


Filter out distractions, have sharp concentration and maintain focus on what is important


The ultimate tool in NEUROPERFORMANCE


Visual acuity
Contrast sensitivity
Depth perception
Accommodative speed
Spatial perception

Tracking Multiple Objects
Reaction time
Enter a target
Hand-eye coordination
Decision making

Senaptec compares the results to a global database: in relation to gender, age, sport, or even at the sport level for an objective and precise comparison.



  • FOCUS: Keeping your eye on the ball during a task
  • ANTICIPATION: Precise reaction time at the right time
  • VISUALIZATION: Tracking objects in anticipation
  • SPEED: Execution of a quick and precise action
  • PERIPHERAL VISION: Awareness of your surroundings
  • BALANCE: Ability to keep your body in a stable position

The strobes allow versatile training of fundamental needs in terms of balance and motor control. In addition, workouts can be modulated for sport specificity with a dynamic level providing an interesting challenge.


THE SYNCHRONY PRO is used to train using LED lights that simulate luminous linear movement.

This makes it possible to improve:
Hand-eye coordination
The reaction
The precision
…when you have to follow moving objects.

Revolutionary tool for detecting functional visual disorders 

  • Oculomotor movements
  • Eye fixation
  • Reaction time
  • Decision making

Detect functional disorders before injuries! Pre-season assessment allows for re-evaluation for return to play following a concussion!

BrainTap: A Multifaceted Tool for Mental Well-Being

Main Features

Light therapy BrainTap uses special glasses that emit pulsed light at specific frequencies. This light can help synchronize brain waves, making it easier to enter states of deep relaxation or heightened focus.

Binaural Sound: Binaural sounds are tones that are slightly different in each ear, which encourages the brain to enter a particular brainwave state, such as the alpha state for relaxation or theta state for deep meditation .

Guided Meditations: BrainTap offers a series of guided meditations that are designed to help users focus on specific goals, such as reducing stress, improving sleep, or increasing self-confidence.

Potential Benefits

Deep Relaxation: By using BrainTap regularly, users may be able to achieve states of deep relaxation, which can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Improved Sleep: BrainTap can also help improve sleep quality by encouraging the brain to enter brain wave states conducive to deep, restorative sleep.

Focus and Concentration: Some BrainTap programs are designed to help increase concentration and concentration, which can be beneficial for study or work.For more information, visit

FITLIGHT: An Innovative Tool for Training and Rehabilitation

Main Features

Interactive Lights: The FITLIGHT system is made up of wireless LED lights that can be programmed to light up in various sequences and colors. These lights serve as targets that users must turn off by touching them or passing by, encouraging speed and accuracy of responses.

Exercise Customization: Trainers and therapists can configure the lights to create personalized exercises that target specific skills, such as agility, coordination, speed and strength.

Performance Tracking: The system is capable of tracking user performance in real time, providing valuable data on reaction times, accuracy and other performance metrics.

Potential Benefits

Improved Motor Skills: Using FITLIGHT, users can work on improving their motor skills, including speed, agility and coordination.

Rehabilitation: The system can be used as a rehabilitation tool, helping individuals recover from injury by targeting specific movements and tracking progress over time.

Cognitive Engagement: In addition to physical benefits, FITLIGHT also encourages cognitive engagement, as users must respond quickly and accurately to visual stimuli. For more information, visit

NeuroTracker Testimonials and Best Practices with Athletic Therapist and Osteopath Kyla Demers at Ostéo & Cie.

NeuroTracker Testimonials and Best Practices with LHJMQ Defenseman Justin Miron at Ostéo & Cie.

NeuroTracker Testimonials and Best Practices with LHJMQ Defenseman Justin Miron at Ostéo & Cie.

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