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Athletic therapy

Thérapeute du sport qui intervient auprès d’un athlète lors d’un match de soccer

What is an athletic therapist?

The certified athletic therapist specializes in the prevention, evaluation, rehabilitation and physical reconditioning as well as management of musculoskeletal injuries. This health care professional intervenes as much with athletes as with individuals who have had a surgery or a concussion.

Their scope of practice includes :

  • The treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries for a rapid return to sport or activities
  • The identification, assessment and treatment of acute injuries
  • The prevention of musculoskeletal injuries : sprains, strains, pain, inflammation
  • Reconditioning and physical training : posture, strength, endurance, agility
  • The evaluation, management and rehabilitation of concussions and visual-vestibular deficits
  • The preseason (baseline) assessments for athletes

Vertex unites a multidisciplinary team focused on your health and well-being. Consult an athletic therapist in our Mirabel offices, on the north shore in the Laurentians.

Recognized efficiency

The athletic therapist uses specialized rehabilitation techniques. In the case of cervical tension or chronic pain, for example, they can use manual therapy techniques or recommend exercises. They can also assess the vestibular system which includes balance, proprioception and reaction time. Many people consult athletic therapists because of their expertise in the management and rehabilitation of concussions.

The athlete's ally

In contact or high risk sports, like football, hockey, soccer, alpine skiing, snowboarding and gymnastics, to name a few, it is recommended to have a preseason assessment (baseline) for concussions and musculoskeletal injuries. The athletic therapist is the reference in the field.

Groupe de femmes jouant au rugby

Prevention, assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries

Come see how our athletic therapists can help you.

Post-operative rehabilitation

Whether its a surgery involving the shoulder, the anterior crutiate ligament (ACL), a ruptured Achilles tendon or a patellar-femoral syndrome, an athletic therapist can help you restore your mobility and strength.


Athletic therapy consultations are covered by insurance

All insurance companies in Québec cover athletic therapy services. If it does not appear on your coverage, simply ask your employer to add it to your plan. A small action serving many!

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