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Kinesiology on the North Shore

Kinesiology uses human movement to prevent, treat and improve health, well-being and physical performance. Listening to your needs, our team of experts will offer you a plan adapted to your rehabilitation or training objectives.

The exercise specialist

A kinesiologist is a recognized health care professional who specializes in physical activity and human movement. He intervenes in prevention, rehabilitation and performance. His actions are based on a personalized approach based on scientific evidence. People of all ages can benefit from his expertise.

Why consult a kinesiologist?

Several reasons may motivate a kinesiology consultation:

  • Concussion rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Pain management
  • Physical fitness assessment
  • Optimization of athletic performance
  • Adopting an active and healthy lifestyle

Our kinesiologists work holistically. They take into consideration not only your specific condition, but also your entire body and lifestyle. This allows them to develop personalized exercise programs, efficient and adapted to your needs.

Ready to take action?

Optimize your physical condition

A methodical approach

In the context of training or injuries to the musculoskeletal system, the kinesiologist must first assess the quality and quantity of movement as well as the biomechanics. Then, he develops a progressive exercise program personalized according to your training or rehabilitation objectives. This methodical approach ensures that each exercise is tailored to your specific abilities and needs.

Traitement des symptômes suite à une commotion

L’activité physique constitue un traitement de choix dans la réadaptation des personnes présentant des symptômes persistant suite à une commotion. Elle permet la régulation des dysfonctions physiologiques causées par la commotion cérébrale en améliorant la circulation sanguine au niveau du cerveau et équilibrant le système nerveux autonome. Elle favorise aussi la gestion des symptômes au quotidien, la tolérance à l’effort et le sommeil (qui a un effet réparateur sur le cerveau). Cela facilite une récupération plus rapide et efficace.

Active rehabilitation program

An active rehabilitation program, adapted to your condition by the kinesiologist, will help you improve the management of your symptoms and push back the threshold for their appearance. The goal is to gradually return to your daily and sporting activities. This program is designed to be scalable, adjusting to your progress and aiming to optimize your recovery and performance.

Salle d’exercice utilisée en kinésiologie à la clinique Vertex, à Mirabel

Personalized follow-up

Through regular monitoring, the kinesiologist can adapt your exercise program according to your progress and your changing needs. This includes adjustments in exercise intensity, frequency and duration to maximize therapeutic and athletic benefits.

Reserve your kinesiology consult

Our offices are situated in Mirabel, on the north shore!

Our commitment to excellence

In choosing Vertex for your kinesiology needs, you benefit from the services of a highly qualified team. Our kinesiologists are trained to provide the highest quality care, using science-based approaches and cutting-edge technologies. They work in collaboration with occupational therapists, osteopaths and other health care professionals within the clinic with a global health approach.

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